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This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but these are questions most often asked, you may have others, if you do, you can contact us by email or give us a call, there is always someone to help with any queries you may have.. What is Freemasonry? Are you a secret society? What are the secrets of Freemasonry? What happens at a Lodge Meeting? Isn't ritual out of place in modern society? Why are trousers rolled up? Why do Freemasons take oaths? Why do your 'obligations' contain hideous penalties? Are Freemasons expected to give preferential treatment to other Masons? Isn't it true that Masons only look after each other? Is Freemasonry a religion? Why do you call it VSL and not the Bible? Why do you call God the Great Architect? Why don't some churches like Freemasonry? Do Freemasons accept men from all religions? Is Freemasonry a political pressure group? Are Masonic groups involved in politics? Is Freemasonry an international order? What is the relationship between Freemasonry and other groups? Do you admit women? Why do you wear regalia? How many Freemasons are there? When did Freemasonry start? How many degrees are there in Freemasonry? How much does it cost to be a member?
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