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Thirty years ago Palatine Lodge was 100 years old and in the same year, 1993, on April 30, four years after publishing a proposal for “an idea of linked information systems,” computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee released the source code for the world's first web browser and editor. Eric Bently, Master of Palatine Lodge in 1962 was tasked with writing a summary of the Lodge history and produced a remarkable account spending many hours collating information and producing a detailed narrative that was published as a centenary booklet. I have no doubt he would be very pleased to see his abridged work included within these pages even though he really had no idea that the internet would become such a mine of information, or a necessary part of everyday life.
Foreword “I have been pleased to carry out the task of writing this short history of Palatine Lodge, but the work of summarising 100 years of history has been quite formidable. Fortunately all the Minute Books of the Lodge since its inception are in safekeeping at Freemasons Hall, Manchester. 1 Other records are sparse, there being a few notable exceptions such as the original By-Law book. The study of twelve large minute books, each covering nearly a decade or more, and the extraction of relevant and interesting facts was quite a daunting task. All have been researched and I thank some of the Brethren of the Lodge for their assistance in the extraction of the details. At times the standard of writing in the Minute Books made this task harder, but the copperplate writing of the earliest years was a pleasure to see and must reflect the painstaking work of those times. The Masonic timespan can be illustrated by the fact that there were 100 Lodges in the Province of Lancashire (Eastern Division) in 1893 when Palatine Lodge was born. One hundred years later there are now 402 Lodges in the Province of East Lancashire. 2 I have endeavoured to extract the facts to build up a picture of how Palatine Lodge developed and lived. These details have been compiled on the basis of subject matter, and not as what could have been a long chronological catalogue of events. We feel that you will find the result interesting reading. Eric H Bentley P.A.G.D.C.”
Palatine Lodge Founders
W.Bro Frederick Broadsmith P.Prov.G.Regr.
No:1166 ‘Clarendon’, Sale
First W.M. 1893
Bro. Hubert J. Owen
No:461 ‘Fortitude’, Hyde
First S.W. W.M. 1894
Bro. William James Fawcus
No:461 ‘Fortitude’, Hyde
First J.W. W.M. 1895
W.Bro. George Samuel Smith
No:1134 ‘Newall’ No:1170 ‘St. George’s No:2359 ‘Doric’
Lancs (E.D.) Lancs (E.D.) Lancs (W.D.)
First D.C. First Charity Representative
W.Bro William Ramsden P.Prov G.D.
No:2368 ‘Alan’ Macclesfield
Bro. William Spencer
No:461 ‘Fortitude, Sale
First Steward W.M. 1899
Bro. John Joseph Tinker
No:461 ‘Fortitude’ No:1166 ‘Clarendon’
First Treasurer
W.Bro. Claire Edgar Towell
No:2359 ‘Doric’, Chorlton
Lancs (W.D.)
W.Bro. George Alfred Myres
No:1731 ‘Urmston’ No:2359 ‘Doric’
Lancs (W£.D.)
First J.D.
W.Bro. John Hardwicke Marsh
No:317 ‘Lodge of Affability’ No:1730 ‘Urmston’
Lancs (E.D.)
First Secretary
Bro. George Graham
No:461 ‘Fortitude’, Hyde
First S.D. W.M. 1896
Bro. John Newton
No:1140 ‘Ashton’ Chorlton
Lancs (W.D.)
First I.G. W.M. 1897