George W. Thornton 1900, Harry Perry 1901, William W. Kebble 1924, Peter Meldrum 1925
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130 years have elapsed since Palatine Lodge met for the first time in 1893. I have all the Lodge records stored very carefully in my loft, unfortunately when they were received into my care the various boxes that held them were rather the worse for wear and after being moved around several more times the old containers finally succumbed to the ravages of time and fell to pieces. This meant of course that everything became muddled and out of date order. I have spent some considerable time sorting through everything to establish some form of order. I had intended this task to take the minimum amount of time as possible, but I didn’t account for the mountain of fascinating documents that has commanded my interest for weeks. Reproduced here are some that caught my attention and serve to remind us of the past.
A letter from the Provincial Grand Secretary dated May 1955
This one from 1958 warns every Lodge in the Province to look out for a serial fraudster.. Centenary souvenir booklet from 1926. (Click on the image to open the book)