George W. Thornton 1900, Harry Perry 1901, William W. Kebble 1924, Peter Meldrum 1925
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The Worshipful Masters Chain of Office is worthy of special attention. It was presented by Mrs Peter Meldrum at the Ladies Evening in November 1925, when her husband Peter Meldrum was Master. The details are recorded at length in the Minutes for March 1926, with a prayer for its safe keeping, and that the name of Meldrum should always be associated with it, as such a highly esteemed and generous gift. In particular, that it be worn by each year's Worshipful Master and passed to his successor throughout future generations. The names of all the Masters are included as far as Cedric W.Young in 1984, there were however two further additions, Peter Hawksworth, in 1989, and Alan Eckersley in 1993. There just isn’t any space left for any more names. It may be that in the future, links will be added to the chain to create more space for all the missing names, but that is yet to be decided. There are 94 names engraved on the chain, including the square, four names appear twice, Harry E. Holden, 1937/38, Alan D. Eckersley, 1951/93, Cedric W. Young 1970/84, and Leonard Wright, 1967/8 Clicking on any of the photographs around the edges of this page will open a re- positional window with an enlargement and details of all the engraved names. There is the option of a slideshow by pressing the play button. The Masters chain is shown here displayed on a Masonic Craft collar, the chain was originally designed to be displayed on a suit jacket only, in a similar way to how a mayoral chain is displayed. There are some edges capable of catching on suit jackets so for convenience the chain is worn on the craft collar as shown. It’s certainly more convenient but fails to display the chain to its full potential. If you are looking for a particular name and date, the list included here is in alphabetical order, just click on the ‘List of Masters’ and a menu will open up, search for the name you would like to view and click on it….
Brian Clifford 1980, Ernest Bayley 1981, Desmond S. Forster 1983, Joseph Hudson 1982 Cedric W.Young 1984, Peter R. Hawksworth 1989, Alan D. Eckersley 1951/1993 F.J.K. Williamson 1904, William H. Gregory 1928, Joseph H. Buckley 1929, H.A. Henderson 1905 Edward Evans 1972, Thomas B. Jones 1973, Cyril Longworth 1975, Leslie Heaviside 1974 George Forrest 1948, Donald Marshall 1949, Brian P. Robinson 1950, Alan D. Eckersley 1951 George Downing 1956, Bernard Holmes Walker 1957, Walter Threlfall 1958, Eric Williams 1959 George W. Thornton 1900, Harry Perry 1901, William W. Kebble 1924, Peter Meldrum 1925 G. W. Thomas 1922, Frederick Barrie 1923, Wilfred Shaw 1946, R.Guy Atwood 1947 Harry C. Dye 1960, William H. Dent 1961, Eric. H. Benttey 1962, John Shore 1963 Herbert Livesey 1916, Herbert A. Bethell 1917, Thomas Tyson 1940, Fred Baron 1941 J. Halliwell-Roby 1902, E.P. Hetherington 1903, Albert E. Cadman 1926, William J. Tippett 1927 James Allen 1918, Samual Beckett 1919, Thomas R. Dent 1942, Tom R. Bromley 1943 James Marchanton 1908, George Painter 1909, Charles Travis 1932, Horace Grime 1933 John Cordingly Thompson 1952, Harry Crossland 1953, George Arthur Thompson 1954, Frances Wilfred Land 1955 John Rist 1976, Leonard Wright 1977, Anthony T.T. Jones 1979, Harry O. Simmons 1978 Joseph H. Dickinson 1920, T. Harold Morris 1921, A. Cecil Riley, P.P.A.G.D.C 1944, Thomas Rigby 1945 R.A.W. Ottley 1964, John. L.F. Crompton 1965, Leonard Wright 1967, Leonard W. Barlow 1966 Thomas Clapham 1910, W. Alex Wilson 1911, John W. Ogden 1934, T. Cyril Stirrup 1935 Thomas H. Hambleton 1914, James Trevor 1915, Harry E. Holden 1938, George S. Armstrong 1939 John J. Hewitt 1968, Roy P. Weaver 1969, Raymond E. Jones 1971, Cedric W. Young 1970 Walter Hulme-Jones 1906, W. E. Chow 1907, Stanley Birtwistle 1930, Edwrd Kaylor 1931 William J. Moss 1912, Herbert Nicholson 1913, Harrold F. V. Newsomme 1936, Harry E. Holden 1937 Chain Centre, Square & Compass